Use The Past To Inspire the Future

As the 2019 National Eating Disorder Awareness Week comes to a close, we the advocates, organizations, medical professionals, counselors, and parents must aspire to far greater accomplishments and strive to accomplish goals deemed impossible just a few short years ago.

As the standard bearers we surely must be, we must embrace the incredible challenge before us. We must recognize and confront the corruption, fraud, ego and arrogance which threaten the very foundations of our community and which weaken our collective voices.

We must look, not within, but outside and explore new sources of inspiration and resources, be they political, or business, or foundational or financial. We must set aside petty differences. We must use our successes in the past, not in a manner which defines who we are and which inevitably leads to complacency, but as a springboard to a greater future and challenges us to continue to learn, to grow, to expand our horizons.

We must have our doctors, our scientists, our leaders in research and study collaborate, to share knowledge, information and material which can lead to one thing and one thing only … breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of this deadly disease.

This past week, we celebrated our accomplishments. We raised some money. We recognized the survivors. We appeared on television shows and in podcasts. And yet, surely more is expected of us. More is demanded of us. And we must not fail.

The honored dead claimed by this disease expect and demand more. The Army of Warrior Angels is restless. We must be resolute. We must be strong. We must not quit. For if we do, we will surely lose ourselves, our very souls. And that is not an option.

To honor those who have been taken, and to remind us all what we must fight for … We leave you this. And our future beckons.

The Morgan Foundation … Let the Past Inspire Our Future

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