Pronouns, “Mispronouning” and its Consequences

So, your child’s eating disorder has progressed to a level requiring residential treatment. Her physical health is impacted. His mental and emotional well-being is impaired. The biological aspects of this illness have compromised their ability to think, to reason and at times, to save their own lives. You live in a grey twilight every day fearing that today will be the day you receive that horrific call that any parent dreads.

Now, envision as you are talking with your beloved child on the telephone she tells you, “Daddy, while we were discussing my pronouns in group therapy today …”

Discussion of Pronouns?

In group therapy?

For (hopefully) lifesaving, eating disorder treatment


Lest you think that is Twilight Zone thinking and would never happen … It has and is continuing to happen. And it has caused harm.

On at least two occasions, I have been approached by mothers whose daughters were in treatment. On both occasions, each daughter stated how uncomfortable it was for her to be subjected to the “pronoun merry-go-round.” [my term]

And so once again, we find the mental health treatment arena being hijacked by social justice warrior, left-wing radical political activists. Activists whose goal is not to lead the way to a greater understanding of the biological, genetic and physiological aspects of eating disorders. Instead, their goal is to dictate the ideological and linguistic territory leading to authoritarian control over the manner in which our loved ones receive care and treatment for mental health issues.

We are living in a “microaggression culture” where young persons have been raised to believe themselves and their experiences to be universally unique and therefore demanding of heightened levels of sensitivity and respect. Just as no two actual snowflakes are exactly alike (mostly because their composition is affected by their journey to the ground) the metaphorical versions are known for fragile hypersensitivity born of narcissism. This is the generation which was gifted participation trophies and where mommy and daddy swooped in to their rescue at the slightest hint of adversity.

So, in order to not cause undue stress upon the Snowflake Generation, and to ensure that they are receiving the absolute best eating disorder/mental health care possible, let’s review the latest university-based studies on how best to incorporate the proper use of pronouns into eating disorder group therapy sessions.

Uh … ok.

Let’s lower the bar a bit. How about ANY independent, reputable third-party research study on how best to incorporate the proper use of pronouns into eating disorders group therapy sessions?

And yet …

Forcing patients receiving eating disorder treatment in residential programs to discuss pronouns is happening every weekday. Even though there is no basis in research. No connection between pronouns and recovery from the various eating disorders. No reputable reasoning supporting incorporating pronouns into the therapy arena. And taking valuable time away from actual evidence-based therapies.

So, questions must be asked … why are some treatment centers and so-called professionals doing that? Why are unsanctioned, unresearched talking points being incorporated into eating disorders group therapy? Particularly a topic grounded in social justice activism such as pronouns.

Ok, let’s discuss pronouns. First, let’s review the number of pronouns. After conducting some research, I found a website containing this list of pronouns:

  • all
  • another
  • any
  • anybody
  • anyone
  • anything
  • as
  • aught
  • both
  • each
  • each other
  • either
  • enough
  • everybody
  • everyone
  • everything
  • few
  • he
  • her
  • hers
  • herself
  • him
  • himself
  • his
  • I
  • idem
  • it
  • its
  • itself
  • many
  • me
  • mine
  • most
  • my
  • myself
  • naught
  • neither
  • no one
  • nobody
  • none
  • nothing
  • nought
  • one
  • one another
  • other
  • others
  • ought
  • our
  • ours
  • ourself
  • ourselves
  • several
  • she
  • some
  • somebody
  • someone
  • something
  • somewhat
  • such
  • suchlike
  • that
  • thee
  • their
  • theirs
  • theirself
  • theirselves
  • them
  • themself
  • themselves
  • there
  • these
  • they
  • thine
  • this
  • those
  • thou
  • thy
  • thyself
  • us
  • we
  • what
  • whatever
  • whatnot
  • whatsoever
  • whence
  • where
  • whereby
  • wherefrom
  • wherein
  • whereinto
  • whereof
  • whereon
  • wherever
  • wheresoever
  • whereto
  • whereunto
  • wherewith
  • wherewithal
  • whether
  • which
  • whichever
  • whichsoever
  • who
  • whoever
  • whom
  • whomever
  • whomso
  • whomsoever
  • whose
  • whosever
  • whosesoever
  • whoso
  • whosoever
  • ye
  • yon
  • yonder
  • you
  • your
  • yours
  • yourself
  • yourselves

Then of course, there are the “gender neutral, gender inclusive pronouns”:


If you are going to enforce pronouns on people suffering from eating disorders, you need a complete list.

Since some are attempting to impose their “Pronouns With No Research Basis” agenda in the care and treatment of eating disorders without consequences or push back, one is justified in wondering how much further things will devolve. Will gender identities and gender expression become part of the eating disorder treatment lexicon?

If the social justice warrior, left-wing radical political activist in the guise of a therapist seeks to “educate and inform” eating disorder patients about “their gender identity’ and “gender expression” isn’t that a clear example of radical social constructionists bullying opponents into submission?

Certainly, bullying tactics are not an uncommon weapon utilized by the radical political activist. For example, a school district in Wisconsin recently opened a Title IX sexual harassment investigation. This investigation is not being conducted against teachers, nor administrators nor teacher volunteers nor any district employees. No.

This investigation is being conducted against three, 8th grade boys. So what was their heinous crime?

They are accused of using the “wrong pronouns” by not using a student’s preferred “they/them” pronouns. 

The “thought police” at the Kiel Area School District apparently believe that any so-called “mispronouning” is punishable speech under Title IX. Imagine a finding of sexual harassment perpetrated by your child becoming part of your child’s education file. That allegation could haunt those three, 8th grade boys for decades. Certainly, impacting college admissions and beyond. All for the horrific crime of mispronouning.

The Kiel Area School District appears to believe that any “mispronouning” is punishable speech under Title IX. During the investigation of these claims, attorneys for the families discovered information revealing that a young female student was given in-school suspension for “sexual harassment” based on a single statement using an allegedly “wrong” pronoun—and the statement was said to a third party, not even to the allegedly “misgendered” student.

To compound an already ridiculous situation, on Thursday, May 26, 2022, the District announced it had closed the Title IX investigation. However after receiving public backlash against their actions (allegedly also including bomb threats), the District and its community announced it had cancelled its annual Memorial Day Parade and the remainder of the school year would be conducted virtually.

Community events. In person education. All cancelled. A community infighting. Anger. Hatred. Division. Because of mispronouning.

Make no mistake. If a treatment professional wishes to parade their virtue signaling by utilizing pronouns, that is certainly their right and … privilege. They are ostensibly adults not receiving eating disorder treatment. In addition, if a patient in treatment during individual therapy wishes to address his/her pronouns and the manner in which it is impacting them, by all means address it. After obtaining that patient’s consent, utilize that as part of the overall manner in which bullying and trauma can exacerbate eating disorders. Take intelligent action and responsible conduct. A person’s heart is more accurately shown through their actions and conduct and not just their words or how they “label” themselves.

However, with regard to mandatory inclusion of discussing pronouns in treatment centers which drag that societal affectation into the eating disorder group therapy rooms, I am going to do something I have never done before …


Moms … dads … your child is the most precious thing in your heart. Don’t have your loved one’s care and treatment be sabotaged by those who place political correctness and social engineering over the welfare of your beloved child.

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