Light a Candle

Christmas is upon us. Homes aglow with twinkling lights. Holiday music playing in the background. Christmas trees ablaze with so many lights they resemble thousands of stars on a clear night. The smell of food cooking. A crackling fire ablaze in the hearth. The laughter of innocent children echoing through the house. Carols sung in church … Surely, a time for the rebirth of our faith and hope for the future. We are reminded so vividly of the very first Christmas present… that is, a parent’s love for their beloved children.

2018 has marched on and a new year is upon us. As we think back upon this past year now is the time for joy, and love and yes … reflection. And once more on Christmas Day, I ask you to light a candle, a candle to bring light to darkness.

The past two years on Christmas Day, candles were lit literally around the world… California, Oregon, Indiana, New York, Virginia, Florida, Oklahoma, many other states and of course, our own Great State of Texas.  Germany, England, France and Australia checked in and lit candles which burned brightly on that day bringing the light of love and hope to otherwise darkened hearts and in remembrance of not just my beloved daughter, Morgan, but others whose hearts, minds and souls were taken from us by this insidious disease. And this year, so many others to remember … Maggie Gross … Javiera Munoz … too many others to list.

The memories of those who were taken are daily reminders of the trials and tribulations which not only test our will, but groom us, prepare us for an ultimate challenge that could by its immensity, otherwise break us. Our hearts are challenged. Our intellects are challenged. Our very souls are challenged. The conflict is before us. If we are resolute, if we find a way to just stand, fighting through these trials could reveal the essence of our very soul.

When your soul’s purpose and its journey are made clear, God will find a way. When this transpires, you do not have the luxury of giving up. You cannot relent.   There is too much work to do. There are too many lives to save. The mission that Morgan started as set forth in her journals will be carried forward not just by me, but by you, all of you who share a vision that we must be bold and forward thinking.

Morgan’s Christmas gift to me the last few years and which only now is being realized more with each passing day is a child’s unconquerable, unstoppable, unconditional love for their parents.  For truly, if a parent’s love for their child is the very first Christmas gift, then surely, a child’s love for their parent… that candle of life, burning so brightly in a parent’s heart and soul, a light that can never be extinguished, is the perfect way to say “thank you” for that first Christmas gift.

And so I call upon all who read this … parents, children, family members, doctors, counselors, business people, to remember and to rejoice. On Christmas Day, light a candle of love, a candle of hope, a candle of remembrance, a candle of joy. Let that one flickering flame bring comfort to a dark room, a darkened heart, a darkened soul. Embrace those who have survived. And remember those who have been oh so cruelly taken.

Remember that Army of Warrior Angels:

Morgan Dunn

Kelly Burk

Elisa McCann

Anna Westin

Maggy Gross

Karla Alvarez

Karen Carpenter

Isabella Caro

Margaux Hemingway

Christy Henrich

Anne Sexton

Christine DeMasse

Dr. Kamala Dansinghani

And millions of others.

Once again on Christmas Day or Evening, 8 weeks and two years to the moment she left me, I will light a candle to honor my beloved daughter. I will remember Morgan’s passion, strength, fighting spirit, and inspiration, will say a prayer and will look to our tomorrows with hope, with faith, with strength, with resolve and with love.

I invite all of you for just one moment, one single, perfect moment on one silent night…not just in your head, but in your heart and in your soul, rejoice that you are loved and that you love others. Hug your children, tell them you love them, and know … know for an absolute certainty, that the love you feel is unconditional and all powerful. And light one candle.

One candle to light the way.  To illuminate the darkness.


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