There is a perfection in the juxtaposition of the simplicity … and the complexity of life. And yet, the vast majority of time, life itself gets in our way and prevents us from being in that space of wonder.

Even attempting to find that space of wonder can be daunting. So,  walk with me right now. The beach beckons and awaits us.

The laughter of revelers begins to fade as we slowly walk toward the beach. The raucous noise turns from individuals loudly laughing, to a quieter crowd noise, to a slight din, to quiet murmurs in the distance, to nothingness behind us. Only the slowly constant, almost symphonic music of waves lapping on the approaching shoreline awaits and is rising. Allow yourself to listen. Allow yourself to hear it.

Walk with me. We are going to embrace all of our senses.

It is nighttime. Away from any major city. And the night sky is that dark, inky black which only exists as civilization is left behind. Briefly look behind us. See the lights of the villas and the resort. Individual windows and torches aglow. Now, look up with me. Revel in the countless stars twinkling, shining so incredibly brightly. Pulsing dots of wonder, almost playful individual beacons of light to guide us.

The half-moon tonight is majestic. The night is so clear you can see craters and shadows on its surface. There is an aura around it. Illuminating all about you in a subtle glow. Even though the blackness of the ocean and the blackness of the sky combine to form a pallet of darkness stretching to infinity … there is no beginning nor end to either, the twinkling saviors above provide patterns of hope and light to us. We see the white caps of each wave sometimes lapping, sometimes colliding onto the beach. Our colors tonight are primarily ebony, white, silver and the darkest blue. Darkness and light. But, our journey is only starting. Stand with me here, on the beach, take my hand and trust in your other senses.

Close your eyes. It is ok. The light will always be there. It always is.

Now, breathe in deeply. You can smell the slight brine in the ocean air. Perhaps a faint smell of a Cuban cigar, its aroma carried over a significant distance by a stray wind current. If you keep your eyes closed, maybe you can detect a slight whiff of decay. But that too, is ok. For as surely as the ocean gives life, so too does it take it. Perhaps a nearby small crab or fish. But, we are ok. Life surrounds us.

The sights. The sounds. The smells. But, we are not done yet.  Please sit with me. The sand is soft beneath us.

The sand is whitish, light beige in color. Dig your toes into it. Feel the grains slide between your toes. Can you feel how some of the individual grains are coarse, and yet others are so smooth? Let the sand cover your toes. The coolness of the sand beneath the surface belying the slight heat of those grains of sand on the surface.

Now, dig your fingers into the sand. Feel the warmth on the surface, the coolness underneath. The soft nature of the sand as a collective substance, enveloping our fingers. As we lift our fingers, we feel the sand collectively sift through as it slowly empties to return to the place it previously occupied.

Embrace all of your senses. The sound of the waves. The light of the stars and moon above. The smell of the ocean. Revel and wonder.

Now, pick up some more sand and hold just a small portion in your hand. Set free nearly all of it until just a few grains are left. Until there is but one left. Feel with your fingers its unique qualities. It may be square in shape and coarse to the touch. It may also be round and smooth. That one grain of sand. Among the billions of grains of sand on our beach, there may be no other grain of sand just like it. It is unique. It is individual. It is also part of the collective nature of something far more majestic and grand. Hold that one grain of sand and know you are touching something as unique as yourself.

Now, please stand with me. Tilt your head up. Open or close your eyes, that is up to you. Maybe extend your arms a bit. And allow yourself to … feel. Feel the breeze against your cheeks. Feel the wind lifting each hair on your arms. Let the sound of the waves on the beach envelope you.

The past, present and future have all combined at this one perfect place in time … with you on this sacred ground. And now, allow yourself to remember. Allow yourself to whisper that one name. The name of that close friend. The name of that loving spouse. The name of a parent. The name of a beloved child. The name of a soul who you believe is no longer with you.

Whisper their name.

And know they are not gone. They exist in that one grain of sand. They exist in the twinkle of that far distant star. They exist in the glow of the moon illuminating all. They exist in the smell of the ocean air. They exist in the waves meeting the shore. They exist all around you.

They are alpha and omega. They certainly see us. They want to embolden us. They want us to thrive. They want us to live life to its fullest. They want us to know they are safe and happy. They want us to know that they are sending us messages to continue. Most of the time we cannot see, or experience or hear the message. And yet, when their message is received, it fills us with incredible strength and fortitude. They are here. They are with us.

Whisper their name. For me, it is “Morgan.”

Whisper their name as our senses are renewed and revitalized.

Whisper their name.

2 thoughts on “WHISPER THEIR NAME

  1. Steven- everyone on the planet can identify with this moving edit. We have all lost someone. Sometimes it’s our most special person, sometimes a parent, or a close friend , but each time we grieve. This prose lifts up my heart and soul. Thank you.


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