What an honor it was to appear with Dr. Stephanie Setliff, the Regional Director of Eating Recovery Center Texas as we made a joint presentation to Apple on September 30, 2020. Apple broadcast the presentation on their internal network to their employees. At the end of this post, I will include some of the slides incorporated in the presentation.

Over the course of sixty minutes, we spoke about all aspects of eating disorders and their impact on society. In the numerous hours of preparation leading up to the event, I was struck by the reality that events like this do not happen in a vacuum. They require participation from so many people with varying and different talents and skills.

An isn’t that the case with any cause or effort that is just and true? And whereas along with Dr. Setliff, I may have technically “given” the presentation, in truth, I was merely the conduit for a greater message. And it is only because of the input of all of the persons who also believe in this cause, that the event was a success.

Going back as far as Biblical times (or for those of you who do not believe in God), then going back as far as at least 2000 years, the maxim, “It is the power of the message and not the image of the messenger” rings just as strongly today.


And so, a special thank you to:

Gina Suescan and Tamara Forsyth on Apple’s Wellness Team.

My friend, Diana Sudduth, an Apple employee for 21 years who showed such grace, courage and strength as she fought cancer this past year.

Dr. Stephanie Setliff, a great doctor and now, close friend.

Employees of the Eating Recovery Center who put time and effort into this event.

Elissa Myers, CEO and Executive Director, Ex Officio – The Academy for Eating Disorders.

Dawn Gannon, Deputy Executive Director, The Academy for Eating Disorders.

Dr. Walter Kaye, University of California San Diego.

Vivian Lau, Outreach Coordinator, University of California San Diego

Dr. Cindy Bulik, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Dr. Christine Peat, Director, National Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders.

Jillian Lampert, President – Residential Eating Disorders Consortium.

Bonnie Harken, Managing Director, International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals.

Dr. Anna Scelzo, Chair of Italian Membership, International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals.

Dr. Michael Genovese, Medical Director, Acadia Healthcare

Chris Goetz, Regional Field Trainer, Acadia Healthcare

Nicole Morgan, CEO, McCallum Place

Rachel Levi, Clinical Director, Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment.

Alexia Mowry, Director of Clinical Outreach, Reasons Eating Disorder Center.

Drew Connell, Clinical Outreach Representative, Center for Discovery.

Tamara Pryor, Executive Director, ED Care.

Grace Fliss, Manager of Community Relations, EDCare.

Helene Simons, Simons Therapy.

Mary Anne Morrow, Director of Communications, Timberline Knolls

Don Blackwell, Of Counsel, Bowman and Brook, LLP

Damian Skinner, Videographer with the patience of Job

Last and certainly far from least, the incredible Patti Geolat of the Something for Kelly Foundation for her daily inspiration, and ability to kick my ass.

We must continue to grow and expand our outreach and impact on mainstream society.

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